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Tuesday, April 11, 2006

My Current Do

A little variation on the regular puff...I got the little curly tendril in the front. This will do for now, but I'm always looking for something different, of course...

My First Half and Half

My hair was wet when I did this, but this is the first time I could pull my hair into a ponytail like this. It was pretty cute....

The Almost Fro-Hawk

This is almost a fro-hawk...I didn't feel like pinning up the back. But the fluff up top, down in the bacl look ws alright...

Monday, March 27, 2006

Final Week!

This is the final week of the March Protective Hair Challenge...and let's just say I am getting a little tired of twists. I took some photos this week and last week, but I haven't got to upload sometime this week I'll show my progress.

I saw this My Little Pony toy on TV the other day, and thought to myself, 'now I need to get one of these!'

Twists are helping my hair grow...I can see the length when I wash them. I'm excited to wear the wash and go again though. I was thinking of doing twists throughout April, but I've lost my mojo on them. What does everyone else think? Has anyone seen any growth this month? I tried to get a response in the forum for this, but nobody responded. So I'll just ask here. Are there any ladies in the central Ohio area interested in getting together for a hair disucussion/ gathering? We'll meet up at a restaurant, bring products we don't use (to swap), share hair stories...hey if you got some jewelry or hair products to sell, you can bring that too! People in other cities do it all the time on, and I would love to meet up with some natural chicas in Columbus and do the same.

So leave me a response if you are interested, with an email address and I'll try to plan something for April. Grind it out for another week, and I'll see post pictures soon!

Sunday, March 12, 2006

More twists!

Last Tuesday, I redid my twists, still staying true to the Protective Hair Challenge. I did them a little big because 1. I didn't want to stay up all night doing them and 2. I just wanted to see what they looked like. Here is the result...

I flat twisted one sided, just for something a little different.

Almost a week later, these still look good! I'll probably keep these in until Friday or so...I'll let you know!

Monday, March 06, 2006

So, I Lied

Anybody who knows me knows that I talk big shit about keeping my twists in for weeks, and I end up taking them out in a week. Last week I started the March Protective Hair Challenge with some cute, side-parted twists...

And now I'm rockin' a twist out (peep my cute earrings I bought at the Short North Galley Hop)

The Moral of the Story: I will be retwisting my hair tommorrow because i just can't keep my twists in for long periods of time. My hair has big curls and they unravel quickly. I love doing my hair, so I don't mind redoing my twists. I tried rinsing them and it felt great, but it just helped my hair to unravel more. So how long will I keep in my twists? As long as I want to, and they look cute. So don't give up on yor protective hairstyles...I want to see some pictures too! I'll show off my new twists once I do them tommorrow.

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

March Protective Hair Challenge

First off, if you haven’t been on, you need to be a registered user. Because everything you’ll ever need to know in life about your natural hair (and reasons why you should have natural hair) is available through the audacious members.

So each month, members challenge themselves to twist, braid and otherwise not mess with their hair for a month so that it grows and isn’t damaged by manipulation. Yes, you can wash your hair. Yes, you can redo your twists. The point is to handle your loose hair as less as possible. Your hair can grow an inch or more per month with this technique. And still be cute!

The best thing about having twists and braids is that you essentially have the same hairstyle over and over (which makes it easy for you to do) but it looks different if you part if different or if your hair grows.

So I’m looking for women who want to be a part of the protective hair challenge for March. This means:



Coils, palm rolls, one strand twists or comb twists

Senagelese or Kinky Twists

Micro Braids

Any other type of weave (if that’s what you want) that allows you to not have to finger your hair daily.

No puffs or loose hair ladies….we want to see some growth! To keep your hair clean, I suggest rinsing them with water in shower every three days or so. Also check out for some home made spritzes you can make to stop itches. The one I use is olive oil, distilled water and Infusium. But you will see after a while that itching won’t be a major problem (but we’ll get to that later).

Who wants in? I am currently rockin’ a set of twists that I did last Saturday and plan to keep in until March 10. Questions? Deadline to sign up is Friday, March 3. Signing up means…

Just write in the comment box that you want to accept the challenge

If you have a digital camera, take photos of your protective hairstyle each week and send them to me. I will post them each week. Let me know if you have any questions!

Thursday, February 23, 2006

Donna Doesn't Shampoo Her Hair?!

Yes, my hair is clean and yes I wash my hair. But I don't use shampoo. Why? Because shampoos have detergents in them (the same used to was your dishes and scrub floors) that are damaging to your hair. If you wash yours delicates with Woolite, then you should also be conscious of what you put on your hair.

So I came across this way to wash your hair called the No-Poo method. Basically, conditioner has enough clensing agents (that aren't detergents) to clean your scalp. And curlies can NEVER use too much conditioner. Lots of people use conditioner just to make their hair curly in the summer or to add extra softness. Well, I wash my hair with it about once a week. And my natural hair has never been softer and shinier. My scalp never itches. I don't use grease. And the harsh winter wind hasn't damaged my hair. My hair has grown more in the last 3 months than it did all summer. Here is how I do it:

So after a long day on the grind, I decided to wash my hair. It looks a mess, but it was in a puff earlier.

I use cheap conditioners to wash my hair. They are usually the same as expensive ones. As long as they have enough slippage, meaning my wide-tooth comb can go through the tangles easily. My favorite is awapuhi Suave, though I use this Aveda once a month. It smells great. I also make sure the conditioners have no waxes or anything with 'cone" on the end. Those products make your hair feel very silky, a result of the waxes. After your wash it out, yor hair can feel very dry. That's a no-no.

So I make sure I use conditioner on my scalp and massage it in like a shampoo (no bubbles, of course) then i make sure I saturate all of my hair with conditioner and I let it sit in there for about 5-10 minutes.

**A not about bubbles** Don't let the idea of not hving bubbles deter your from trying this technique. Not only is this healthier for your hair, but it helps your to see the texture and know your curls better. My hair is always clean as a whistle, trust me.

Another picure of my curlies...

One more before I detangle. My hair never stay sopping wet, because the water plus conditioner is always soked up quickly. My hair loves this!

I only comb my hair when it's wet and full of conditioner. Here it is with the conditioner, after I massaged my scalp and combed it out. You see how one side is longer than the other?

I use about 2 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar in a big cup of water to rinse my hair after I rinse out the conditioner. It keeps my hair shiny and soft. I also use it between washes just to rinse out sweat from working out. natural hair dries fast, so i can do this before work, even in the winter.

My hair after the conditioner is washed out and after the apple cider vinegar rinse.

Tried to get a picture of my curls before I styled.

Here's the finished product. This is my finger combed hair in a puff before work the next day.

Check out for more tips on conditoner washing your hair. If you have curly hair, and not washing your hair seems like a crazy thing, try shampooing once a month instead of every week. You'll see if you treat your conditioner like a shampoo, your hair will be softer, shiner, have more of a natural curl and will never be dry. Remember, you can never use too much conditioner!

Sunday, January 29, 2006

Hairstories: Dawn Dickson

Dawn Dickson is an enterpreneur with her hand in every hot event in th city. If you've been to one of the hot parties at Cove Lounge or visited The Urban Starr to find somewhere to kick it, you've seen her handy work. Despite her busy schedule, she manages to keep her hair looking fly and changing colors with the seasons. So how much color can natural hair stand? Read the interview below as Dawn gives us the dish:

When did decide to go natural?
My hair has always been naturally curly but I always tried to straighten it and press it out because for a long time it was not popular to have "natural" and "dry" curly hair. Dry = without a Jerri Curl or a Wave Nouveu chemical process. When I was in elementary school Jerri Curls were the hotness so I used to wet my hair every morning and coat it with Vaseline - I had the wet look until lunchtime, by then everyone knew I did not have an authentic "J-Curl" and I had a dry curly fro!

After that style passed the Salt and Pepa look was the thing to have, but my Mom would not let me cut my hair. Then the freeze hard curls were the look but I couldnt get that because my hair is so fine it won't hold heat, the only real options I ever had was to wear a roller set, a wrap, or rock my natural curls. I stopped getting relaxers in high school after I cut all my hair off and had a short taper, I was tired of trying to fit in with everyone else, plus Jada Pinkett made the short hair look work so I gave it a shot.

What were your family/friends’ reactions?
Wearing my hair curly was cool, but cutting it all off was not! My dad was very upset because my hair was shorter than his.

How much hair did you have when you did the big chop?
My hair was past my shoulders and gradually, in 4 months time, it went to damn near bald.
When do you like your hair the most?
When all of the curls are equal.

When are you most unhappy with your hair?
With natural hair bad hair days are HORRIBLE! Sometimes the whole left side of my head is loose curls and the right side of my head is tight curls. I know when I get out of the shower if I will have a good hair day.

How long did it take for you to get comfortable with your hair?
I was comfortable right away because I am comfortable with myself. I have tried every hair color in the book including bleach blonde, jet black, fireengine red, purple, blue, green, and yellow! Hair color is my thing

What is your favorite hairstyle?
I like it with blonde highlights pinned into a mohawk, I love that.

I really love dreads, if I had the balls I would dread my hair up but I'm so fickle I would want to comb them out or cut them off before they came into full bloom. The dread scene is so hot in Columbus right now, I went to ReuEl's birthday party and I was loving all of the styles.
Any bad hair stories?
Several! Most of them involve my hair falling out because of overprocessing it with hair color. Once I bleached my hair white and it felt like gum when it shampood it, it was fried!

What are your goals for your hair?
To stop coloring it so much so I dont have to keep it short so I can let it grow really long.
Who is your hair hero?
I must say Jada Pinkett, she has inspired me alot in the past with her styles. Now her hair is long, I don't think my hair will ever look as good as hers, but its worth a try.

Any advice for people considering going natural?
Find a good product, be patient until the right one comes along, it took me 5 years to find my Curls Rock by TIGI, but I have tried every gel, creme, conditioner, leave in, spritz, and spray in the book. Once you find your product everything will fall into place.